Assignment 7:
Data Tables and Data Collection

Collection of data is an essential piece of any science experiment. Using a Google Docs Spreadsheet, design a data table or tables to record the data that you collect during your science experiment.
  • Be certain that the top of each column of data includes a unit of measurement for the data included in that column.
  • Be certain that numerical data has the correct number of significant figures.
  • If the data contained within a column is a calculated value, be certain to include the formula for the calculation at the top of the column of data.

Starting a Spreadsheet
To start a data table using a spreadsheet:

  • Open your school Google Docs account (a link is available on the Wiscasset High School home page)
  • Click on "Create new"
  • Scroll down to: "Spreadsheet"
  • Scroll down to: "Save"
  • Name this spreadsheet with your name - "Science Project Data Table"
  • Save this document
  • Add data to the spreadsheet as you collect data during the experiment.
  • When you have completed collecting the data for your experiment, please share it with me: