Assignment 8:
Methods and Materials

The Methods and Materials section of your project display board is the compilation of your flow-charts for the Experimental Design of your experiment.

  • Review the Experimental Design page of this wiki: Experimental Design
  • Decide which type of flow-chart you will use to present the procedures for your experiment
  • Start a new Google document:
  • Open your school Google Docs account (a link is available on the Wiscasset High School home page)
  • Click on "Create new"
  • Scroll down to: "Document"
  • Scroll down to: "Save"
  • Name this document with your name - "Methods and Materials "
  • Save this document
  • Design a flow-chart to describe how to perform your experiment.
  • When you have completed the Methods and Materials section for your display board, please share it with me: