Independent Science Project

The Independent Science Project is a major portion of your semester grade in Chemistry, accounting for more than 10% of your semester grade. As you work through the project, you demonstrate the scientific inquiry skills that must be documented to meet the Maine Learning Results in Science and Technology. The performance of an independent science project also indicates to the colleges that you apply to that you can work independently and at a high level. For some students, a recommendation that includes details of an independent science project that has been well done, is the difference between getting into that school and not getting into that school.

An independent science project is a science experiment designed by you to answer a specific question. It consists of the identification of a question or problem, research of background information to gain understanding of what is already known about the problem, designing an experiment or set of experiments that will help answer the question or solve the problem, experimentation that involves data collection, data interpretation, discussion on the meaning of the data, a conclusion that explains what the data collected indicates about the research problem/question, and a reflection on the accuracy, precision, and error involved in performing the experiment.