Links to websites that have science project ideas:

1. The link below has hundreds of project ideas. These are often "canned" which are not unique. If you select one of these projects, please consider one or two ways that you could "tweak" the project to make it truly your own.
a. Do a “search”.
b. Use terms of scientific subjects that you like chemistry, physics, biology or use specific terms like magnet, plants, bacteria

2. This link takes you to a website of astronomy projects. If you consider one of these projects, you use data that is actually collected from the telescopes that are in the photo at the top of this website. The site has basic information about 5 different astronomy projects. These are cutting edge projects in the field of astronomy and a project using this data would look GREAT on a college application.
a. Read through the basics about the projects
b. If one peaks your interest click on the links and read more about them.
c. Ask me - I had the privilege of spending 2 weeks at the National Observatory doing work and it would honor me to help you work on one of these projects.

3. This is a link of other links to ideas for science projects.
Play around with the links and see if there is something there that intrigues you.

4. This is another link to help you develop a science project idea.
Link to Free Science Fair Projects
5. And yet another great site with links to 12 different science project websites:
Link to 12 more science project sites: